I would love to see notebooks based on Nvidia’s insane Tegra chip:

The above can drive 720p HDMI output from a friggin’ handheld. The Zune HD uses one. So why not a notebook?

A friend recently got a netbook as a gift, and it’s cool, and it gets like 10 hours of battery life, but it’s way slow. Shouldn’t your notebook be as powerful as your handheld? Shouldn’t it run video without breaking a sweat, as the iPhone does?

Nvidia, not surprisingly, wants the same thing. I wonder what it would take for Microsoft to compile a version of Win 7 for Tegra/ARM.

I bet that ChromeOS will support these chips and we’ll see some bitchen stuff — like a cheap, fast tablet — in a year or so.

Update 17 Dec: Arrington thinks what I think about this.