Jargon is a Go package with tokenizers and lemmatizers. Source & docs.

Jargon picks out known terms (lemmas) from technical text, for example: We are looking for experienced Rails developers, with experience in NodeJS and Obj C. The result is consistent, canonical terminology — allowing for better analysis like NLP. Jargon uses tags and synonyms from StackOverflow, and implements ‘insensitivity’ to spaces, hyphens, dots and case. Source data might use ’react’, ‘React.js’ or ‘React JS’ or ‘REACTJS’, but we are confident they get converted to one string.
We can lemmatize HTML, but only the text nodes.

Hi! Let's talk Rails and SQL.

The parsing rules work well for comma separated files: Name,Skills,Years Jane Doe,"c sharp, ecma script",6 Foo Bar,"aspnet mvc R NodeJS", 7.5
The parsing rules work well for JSON: {[ "name": "Microsoft Access", "name": "X Code" ]}