I received a pair of earmuffs today via Amazon Prime. Great service! They got to New York in just two days, all the way from a Nevada warehouse.

I feel bad, though. Clearly, by my paying extra for this service, I’ve moved others into Amazon’s slow lane. For that, I apologize.

I downloaded a new Justin Bieber Gnarls Barkley track on iTunes just now. It took seconds! Being curious sort, I discovered that Apple is paying a company called Akamai to store the file nearby so I can get it quickly. Akamai in turn pays my ISP for the privilege of being close to their customers, network-wise.

Those other services — the ones who don’t have the ability to put servers at ISP’s — are two, three, ten hops away. They must feel like they are in the slow lane.

I am looking forward to flying home for the holidays, too. See you soon, Mom! Luckily, I have the means to fly across the country instead of taking the bus, or driving.

I just feel bad for people on the highways, since my flying has clearly slowed them down. Sorry gang! I hope you will forgive me.