AT&T etc etc

According to Gizmodo, AT&T comes out #1 for data performance. My interest is two-fold. First, I get a geek thrill is watching networks getting built. Second, I have a pet peeve about the whole AT&T-hating thing lately.

I really don’t care about loving or hating any particular company, and I find it so strange that others do. I think the ratio of people who are complaining about AT&T, versus those that are having measurable issues, is about 100:1.

I say this, subjectively, as a person who’s been on AT&T with an iPhone for a couple of years now, in both SF and NYC. If the problem were that prevalent, certainly I would have experienced it. I don’t think I am especially lucky.

So what we are dealing with here is a monkey-see-monkey-do thing. You hate AT&T? You want me too as well? Then, yes, I will!

There are first-hand opinions, and then there are blogger headlines, and it’s amazing how many people will substitute the latter for the former.