Tech talk for recruiters and salespeople

Matt Sherman

The world of technology can be overwhelming — so much jargon and an ever-changing landscape.

If you’re in a technical field, knowledge and credibility matter a lot; leveling-up one’s understanding makes one more competitive.

Matt Sherman specializes in explaining this landscape to folks in non-technical roles, especially recruiting and sales.

Whirlwind tour

Matt offers an introductory tour to get a handle on technology jargon and ecosystems. We cover such questions as:

  • What do programmers do exactly?
  • Why are there so many programming languages?
  • What is Java? Is it the same as JavaScript?
  • What is ‘front-end’ vs ‘back-end’?
  • What is a database?
  • What do data scientists do?
  • What is devops?

This interactive session takes around an hour, and is customized for the audience. It is intended to be conversational, with lots of detours for audience questions. Here’s a preview.

Tech recruiting boot camp

You’ve been asked to hire technical people: engineers, data scientists, systems administrators. It’s a challenging task in a competitive market.

Matt will work with you to understand the technical talent landscape, to improve your credibility with candidates. We’ll develop your strategies for attracting the right applicants.

Job listings workshop

The job listing is the first thing a candidate will see. It needs to be accurate, informative and to the point.

What are the elements of a job listing that will appeal to an engineer? How to stand out from other job listings? Matt will work with you to speak credibly to your target audience, clearing out the boilerplate, and focusing on what candidates will respond to.

Resume review

Evaluating a technical resume is difficult and time-consuming. Matt will work with you to systematically identify promising candidates, to improve the conversion rate of your hiring funnel, and to keep hiring managers happy.

What others have said

Matt is phenomenal public speaker, possessing the ability to engage with the audience, adjusting to their needs and communicate ideas in a way that works for them. He worked tirelessly to ensure the sales organization at Stack had the right resources and knowledge to be efficient in their jobs. He equipped us to represent the company and developer community in the best possible way.

Guy Zerega, EVP Revenue

Matt was invaluable in running sessions for our reps (and me!) to educate them. Matt has a unique ability to be able to take complex concepts and break them down to whatever level the audience needs to understand them. Feedback from every single session Matt ever hosted was 100% positive.

Becca Hammer, Director of Global Sales Training

About Matt

Matt Sherman is a veteran engineering manager and programmer, most recently at Stack Overflow. There, he developed many of the recruitment, management and employee review processes — and has strong opinions on doing them right.

Matt created the “ask a nerd” program at Stack, connecting salespeople and clients to technical experts.

Learn more about Matt…

Matt is reachable at and +1 415-516-5121. Feel free to get in touch.

Published by Matt Sherman on October 17, 2017