Hi, I’m Matt

Matt Sherman

I am a founder, engineering manager and developer in NYC. I recently decided to leave Stack Overflow, and am taking some time to find my next thing. I’d like to start something new or join something small.

For now, I am looking for interesting people to meet and collaborate with. Ideas:

  • Data science, and NLP in particular. I see opportunities in extracting features from unstructured text. Here’s one idea.
  • Fixing niche problems with domain experts. There is a remarkable amount of friction/entropy within industries and across systems, that people will pay to fix.

Engineering Manager

Most recently, I was Engineering Manager at Stack Overflow, overseeing the team building the Talent product. A few essays about management:


I like Go and C#, and high-performance web applications.


I founded and led engineering for Alikewise, a dating site based on books.


Non-technical folks appreciate my ability to explain technology, and how to get things done with engineers. At Stack Overflow, this meant salespeople and technical recruiters.

I offer this expertise on a consulting basis, for your teams.

Learn more about consulting…


I am reachable at mwsherman@gmail.com and +1 415 516-5121.

I am on Twitter at @clipperhouse. Here’s my GitHub and my LinkedIn.

Published by Matt Sherman on May 27, 2018